Below are listed some common questions and answers. If you have a question not listed, please contact us with your inquiry and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

Yes. The Half Marathon & 5K are both chip-timed.
Yes, of course!  And Truly Hard Seltzer.
Sorry, there are no refunds.  You do have some options:
  1. You may sell or transfer your registration. After your entry is sold or given away, log into runsignup.com to make the changes.
  2. You may switch to Virtual. Log into runsignup.com and follow the steps to switch. There will be an additional charge, then we will mail your swag shortly after the event.
  3. You may send someone to pick up your stuff.
  4. You may defer your entry to 2021 for $15.00.  To so so, log into runsignup.com and follow the steps to defer your entry.
There are no charges for  you to do this yourself online.  If you require Fun-Races help, email andrea@fun-races.com – we charge $10 to assist you.
Yes, you will have multiple opportunities to grab a drink of water. Full bottles are available along the course.  PLEASE discard your bottles into trash or recycling containers.
At this point, we have discounts for our Military and first responders.  If you are military, first responder, or retired from one of them, use the appropriate Coupon Code: MILITARY    FIRE   POLICE   AMBULANCE
2020 has no awards.  COVID-19 forced us to modify the start structure, and there is no reasonable way to track winners until the race is completed. To our fast friends, sorry about this. We will work on a Corral-friendly plan for 2021.
Yes!  There are no age restrictions.
Yes!  We don’t force strollers to the back of the pack.  But we ask that you start the race based on the pace you believe you will run.
Yes!  You know the rules, please clean up after them and be respectful of other runners and property owners.

Yes, of course. 2020 Indianapolis course is a 6.55 mile route that runners repeat, so spectators may see them near the halfway point. There is also a good location near the zoo, as runners pass their twice.

Spectators must wear face masks if they cannot be 6+ feet away from anyone else.

Yes.  The 5K has no time restriction.  The Half Marathon does.

Indianapolis Half Marathon time limit is 4 hours.

Chicago Half Marathon time limit is 3 hours.

If you fall behind the trail vehicle, you may catch a ride.  Otherwise, you are totally on your own.  Traffic cones will be picked up.  Officers and volunteers will not be on the course once the trail vehicle arrives at their areas.